different levels of fear








Married To: Sollux Captor

Will Be A: Stay at home dad

Live In/On A: Apartment

Will Have: 4 or more kids

Live In: Land of Wrath and Angels

Married to: Karkat Vantas

I will be a: Baking father

Will live in/on a: Hive-partment

I will have: two kid(s)

Live in: Land of little cubs and tea

Married to Sollux Captor (jsdkhdfjhdh.)

You will be a Chef.

You will live in a Mansion.

You will have 4 or more kids (WOW WHAT.)

You will live in Prospit (i knew it, I’m a Prospit dreamer.)

Married to : John

You will be a : Doctor

You will live in a : House

You will have : Three kids

Live in : Land of Dew and Class 

Married to : Dave (YESSS)

You will be a : Baking father

You will live in a: Apartment

You will have: One kid

Live in: Land of Wind and Shade

I am John ok

Married to : Egbert hahahahaha

You will be a : Chef

You will live in a: house

You will have: One kid

Live in: Land of wrath and angels or some shit

Married to: Jade? O.o

You will be a: Chef.

You will live in/on a: Hive-partment

You will have: one kid.

Live in: Prospit


Married to: Jade

You will be a: Doctor

You will live in a: Mansion

You will have: Three kids

Live in: Land of Brains and Fire


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    Married to: Gamzee I will be a: Technician I will live in a: Mansion I will have: 2 kids Live on: Prospit SWEET.
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    Married to Equius ,Pirate, live in a mansion, have no kids and live in the land of thought and flow.
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    Married to: Aradia Megido I will be a:clown hunter Will live in/on a: house I will have: 2 kids Live in: Land of wind...
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    Married to Dirk, the CEO of Crocker Corp (oh dear), we live in a hive-partment (?) on LOFAF with four kids. Welp
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    married to dav,e drunken mother, live on an island, one kid, the land of pulse and haze
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    Married to Jake. I’ll be a DJ living in a fish bowl with 3 kids in the land of wind and shade Sweet!
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    I’m a drunken mother Married to Karkat living in an apartment with one kid in the Land of Wrath and Angels
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    I’m a pirate who is married to Jake, in a hive-apartment, in the land brains and fire (jfc). We also have four or more...
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    Married to: Gamzee Makara You will be: Clown Hunter You will live in an: Apartment You will have: Three kids Live in:...
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    Married to: Kanaya (omg) You will be a: Drunken Mother (omf..,) You will live in a: House (ooh owo) You will have: 3...
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    married to karkat, desk job, live in a hive-partment with 2 kids in land of brains and fire
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    married to dave, ceo of crocker corp, live in a house with 3 kids and land of dew and glass
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