alarms will ring for eternity


2x1 picspam


Kieren Walker in every episode (◡‿◡✿)
Episode 1; I am a Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer, and what I did in my untreated state was not my fault.


Crystal Castles - Pale Flesh
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Pale Flesh // Crystal Castles

Do you think if you go to a different country you’ll be able to take off one of those layers? How many miles will you have to travel to be able to take it all off Kieren Walker?

and we go together now, and we hold on tight

In The Flesh (2x04)

Mother Mother - All Gone
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I got the government to change my name, yeah
Change it all together
The silly thing it never had a ring
As though it skipped a letter, letter, letter


Kieren opens and holds the door for Simon (☉‿☉✿) 

every road is a slippery slope, there is always a hand you can hold on to 
looking deeper through the telescope, you can see that you’re home’s inside of you